Paper Collage Artwork



Each jewellery is handmade therefore there will be slight imperfections and no two earrings are the same as the other. Tangan Jewellery makes earrings in small batches hence jewellery will be made at the highest standards possible. Items sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Our postage rates according to GDex Air Parcel:

Malaysia -  Flat rate RM6.50

*Singapore - Flat rate RM 40

*Australia - Flat rate RM 180

*UK - Flat rate RM 170

*US - Flat rate RM 180

* Conversion rates from RM to your currency is subjected to daily market rate changes.*

Free postage when you :

Malaysia -  Spend RM 60 or above

*Singapore - Spend RM 150 or above

*Australia - Spend RM 400 or above

*UK - Spend RM 600 or above

*US - Spend RM 450 or above

**Note: COVID-19 delivery delays are expected for each country. Tangan Jewellery has subsidised increased postage cost due to COVID-19 restrictions.**


As there is only one jewellery maker, we will make the orders within 3 working days. Production has moved from Melbourne, Australia to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

We are still shipping to Australia as an international air parcel.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only shipping to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UK and the US.


International orders will take up to 10+ business days but expect delays due to COVID-19 flight restrictions and border closures.

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