This is a Gift Box Set 2 which includes :
1. Two handmade satin scrunchies
2. 2 Korean Style Phone Stickers 
3. Gift wrapping + Personal Note you want to send to the person you are gifting to.
What it does not include:
1.The earrings you see in the images
This is a RM 5 add-on to the earring of your choice and price range. Suitable for gifting unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind and personalised gift box to your love ones during MCO 3.0.  

Why this is cool? 

You are the captain of your choices! Choose earring designs of your liking and even choose the budget you can afford. There's always something for everyone on my website. Only add RM 5 to make your earring/s choices a gift set. 

How it works:
1. Browse our product page 
2.Choose earring/s design of your choice
3.Add earring/s to cart 
4.Go back to homepage
5.Click on this Gift Set image
6. Add this Gift Set to cart

An example of what I meant as above explanation :

Earring A ( RM15) + Gift Box Set 2 Scrunchie Add-on(RM5) = RM20

Earring B (RM 30)  + Gift Box Set 2 Scrunchie Add-on(RM5) = RM35

Gift Box Set 2 Scrunchies Add On